High Empire

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High Empire
Capital Imperial Homeworld
Ruled by High Emperor

The High Empire is the region of space presided over by the High Emperor.[1]


Spacial StatesEdit

The High Empire currently exists as two distinct regions of space known as "Inner Imperial Space" and the "Reaches." Prior to the events of the Reunification War, the Reaches existed in a rebellious, almost pirate-like state. Inconsistent raiding of planets within Inner Imperial Space was frequent enough to demand the High Emperor take action and declare that these planets should be conquered. Though which specific planets this included is not known at this time. Eventually, Varion went on to perform a complete conquest of the Reaches. This plan of Varion's was against the Emperor's wishes.[1]


The High Empire retains a sizable assemblage of forces, containing multiple fleets. Each fleet is generally led by a flagship, then followed by a number of cruisers, longships, and finally accompanied by a number of fighter squadrons. In addition to the High Empire, the planet Utaries maintained a sizable retinue of ships, lending to their capability of marshaling other planets to their cause. Other planetary systems throughout Inner Imperial Space and the Reaches have their own military forces, though the specifics of these forces is not known at this time.[1]

Notable Military VesselsEdit


Named Military LeadersEdit

High Empire



Sectors and PlanetsEdit

Inner Imperial SpaceEdit

Outside of New Seele, Highwall and Tightendown Prime, it is currently unclear which planets reside within Inner Imperial Space, however; the Imperial Homeworld is located in this region. The Imperial Homeworld itself contains significant points of interest, such as the Officer's Walk and the Point.[1]


The Reaches are a region of space a considerable distance away from Inner Imperial Space. Travel across Imperial space to the reaches can take anywhere from 3+ days, and for quickness in travel, is often achieved by way of speeder. Notable systems in the Reaches are the Utaries, Seapress and Farnight, among others.[1]

Known sectors of space and planetary systems in the spacial region of the High EmpireEdit

Spacial sectors
  • Inner Imperial Space
  • Reaches

Planetary systems



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