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Hextilda McTavish
Profession Chef
Residence Armedius Academy
Homeworld Earth (Rithmatist)
Introduced In The Rithmatist

Hextilda McTavish is the chef of the kitchen at Armedius Academy in Jamestown on New Britannia.[1]

She has a special fondness for Joel. At one point when he asks, she fixes a sandwich specifically for him so he doesn't have to wait in line.[1] She dislikes the JoSeun, and how they require her to have a permit to visit her own homeland.[1]

She is a large woman of Scottish descent, who's family has been driven out from their homeland four generations previously. She has a strong Scottish accent. During the period of the Scribbler's attacks, her son gains a traveller's permit so her and her family can finally visit their homeland.[1]


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