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Region Mexico
World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In The Reckoners

Wait. Mexico? You … weren't in on the Hermosillo job, were you?

David, to Val[1]

Hermosillo is a city in Mexico and the site of an assassination of an Epic by a cell of the Reckoners. The team was tasked with performing a hit on Puños de Fuego, an Epic with beastly strength, enhanced endurance and skin like an elephant’s.[1] Puños de Fuego disrupted the operation by throwing a tank into a command center where Val was stationed.[1] Val hid inside the tank until Puños walked in front of the barrel, at which point she fired the tank's cannon, blowing him into pieces. As Puños was not a High Epic, the blast killed him.[1] This encounter seems to have gained some notoriety among Reckoners, as David immediately asks Val if she was in Hermosillo after learning she had been stationed in Mexico.[1]


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