Heraldic Forces

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Heraldic Forces
Related to Vorinism
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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The Heraldic Forces were a believed to be the army of the Heralds that fought the Voidbringers for the Tranquiline Halls[1] in what was called the War for Heaven.[2]

The ardents taught that once the deceased had been burned after death, those who fulfilled their Callings best, who had chosen the best professions and worked hardest at them, would rise to aid the Heralds in their effort to reclaim heaven.[3][4] Depending on what your calling was in life, you would receive powers in the afterlife. A farmer would be able to cause whole fields of crops to grow with a single gesture, a spearman could create thunder with his shield and lightning from his spear.[2] Joining the Heraldic forces was the considered to be highest Calling of men.[5]

It was said that the sound of a horn would call the Heraldic Forces to the field of battle.[4]

Once the Heraldic Forces had reconquered the Tranqiline Halls, those who were not chosen would awaken from their slumber and return there.[2]


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