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Table of Hemalurgic Metals[1]
Iron Iron
Steals strength
Steel Steel
Steals Physical Allomantic powers
Zinc Zinc
Steals emotional fortitude
Brass Brass
Steals Cognitive Feruchemical powers
Tin Tin
Steals Senses
Pewter Pewter
Steals Physical Feruchemical powers
Copper Copper
Steals mental fortitude, memory, and intelligence
Bronze Bronze
Steals Mental Allomantic powers
Chromium Chromium
Might steal destiny
Nicrosil Nicrosil
Steals Investiture
Cadmium Cadmium
Steals Temporal Allomantic powers
Bendalloy Bendalloy
Steals Spiritual Feruchemical powers
Aluminum Aluminum
Removes all powers
Duralumin Duralumin
Steals Connection/Identity
Gold Gold
Steals Hybrid Feruchemical powers
Electrum Electrum
Steals Enhancement Allomantic powers

The table of Hemalurgic metals as it is organised on the poster.