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If you made it this far through the help guide, congratulations and thanks for reading! Hopefully you've found these Help pages useful. Let us know if you feel like something is missing or in need of attention. Or just make the change yourself!

So what now?

How can you help?

Wondering where to begin your career as a Coppermind Wiki editor? Here's some advice:

Edit as you go.
You don't need to have something in particular in mind. Just use Coppermind as you normally would. But now if you find a mistake you know how to fix it and if you see an article that needs some work you can pitch in.
Follow your interests.
If you want to do some more intentional editing, then start with your interests. Take a look at articles related to the book, series, or topic that you find most interesting. Most books or series have an article status page which groups all related pages. This is a great way to find some articles that both interest you and need work.
Use the Editor's Corner and Special pages.
The Editor's Corner gives some general site-wide statistics that may offer you some direction in terms of where to put your effort. There are also a LOT of Special pages that can be used to hone in on editing needs. The list of Special pages includes things like "Unused Files" (maybe you could find some articles to include the file in?), "Wanted Pages" (a list of currently non-existent pages that are being linked to), and "What Links Here" (enter a page and you can see where it's referenced--maybe more references to it are needed?).

Need more help?

If you want more help, we recommend the following options:

Look for something similar.
If you're trying to do something in an article and aren't sure how to get it right, look for somewhere that it's been done before and imitate it!
Ask for help.
You can ask for help on the Coppermind Wiki forum on the 17th Shard. Just make an account and start a new topic with your question. You can also join the Coppermind Discord chat and ask your question there. Lastly, you can ask the admins directly.
Turn to other wikis
While there are some differences between the Coppermind Wiki and Wikipedia, they work pretty much the same way. So if you can figure out how something is done on Wikipedia, it very well might work the same way here! Wikipedia has thorough Help pages and guides for you to make use of. Another very extensive (though less user friendly) resource is MediaWiki.

The Number One Rule

Just need to reiterate this one last time. You cannot mess anything up. So get out there and edit to your heart's content! If a mistake happens, it might even be fixed before you even realize it!

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