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{{nation}} This is a guide for what sections to include on a page describing a nation. Note that a nation here is just a generalized concept meaning a region with its own government and culture, so individual states within a country could also use this template (for example).

The part before the in-depth sections should be a few paragraphs long (at most) and is meant to be a general overview of where the nation is located, its government, a demonym for its people, and a brief overview of its history/ethnicities/culture.

Geography and Ecology

This section should contain a detailed description of the location of the country, including the planet it is on, the climate and environment of the country, nearby countries, the capital city and other notable cities, and notable geographic features, broken up into sections.




Notable Features


This section should describe, in subsections with date ranges, the history of the nation, starting from its formation and going up to the current date in the text. If the nation evolved from a previous country, give an overview of the events that led to the change and link to the old nation.

=== Period (date range) ==


This section should describe the political makeup of the nation.


Describe the national government in detail, including the type of government, major changes in the way the country is run, and the current rulers.


Describe the military of the nation (if applicable)

Local Government

Describe and link to the sub-levels of the government.


A description of the culture of the nation, with the following subsections (if known).


Describe things such as manner of dress, behaviors, traditions, and so on in this section. It can be considered to be a little bit of a catch-all for things that don't fit into the other subsections or if there is not enough information known about a subject to make a full subsection.


Describe the religion of the nation. There may be some overlap with the government section in the case of a theocracy, but this section should be used for describing the beliefs of the religion and how it interacts with the daily lives of the citizens, as opposed to who rules the country. For example, a description of the Returned court in Hallandren would go in the Government section, while a description of the beliefs associated with the Iridescent Tones would go here.


Describe the languages spoken in the nation and link to their individual pages. This can also include colloquialisms and idioms of that nation.


Describe the economic makeup of the country, including the currency they use and anything unusual about it (like Rosharan soulcasters or the Tears of Edgli in Hallandren).

Notable Citizens

List notable characters associated with this nation.


Out of universe facts and info about how Brandon created them.

See Also

Links to related countries, especially historical predecessors or nations that followed them.


The notes section should first list <references /> then include the book navbox and any other extra categories (though we prefer these to be tags listed in one part of the infobox). Just prior to the navbar there may be an article status template, one of {{stub}}, {{partial}}, or {{complete}}.