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The following is a tentative article structure for for Lifeforms pages.

Use infobox {{lifeform}}.

Appearance and Anatomy

Describe the species in question.


Discuss the behavior of the species.


Describe its ecological niche--predator and prey relationships--as well as its habitat.


Discuss the usefulness of the species, be it for medicine, poison, or other things.

Culinary Uses

Discuss the species in relation to food. If the "Uses" header is short and this section is short, these can be merged into the "Uses" header.


Generally is used for animals. Describe the domestication process of the animal and the roles it plays, if those roles don't fit under Uses.


Generally used in plants only. Describe the farming or gardening use of said plant, like conditions in which it would grow.


Discuss economic ramifications of the species.


Discuss the history of the species to specific individuals. Any significant plot details go here. Minor plot elements that are largely world building can go here but should be worked into the article elsewhere when possible.


Discuss lore of the species, like the mythological importance of it, if relevant.

Known Varieties

List known subtypes, or link to them if they are separate articles.

Cultural References

This section collects cultural references to the species. This includes in world art of the species as well as things like the existence of the Ornery Chull.


This section is a list of quotes giving examples of how the species is used idiomatically.


Notable [insert species here]

List and link to any notable members of this species.


Any additional trivia that does not fit in one of the above sections goes here.


If more fan art exists than fits nicely in the article, place it in a gallery here.


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{{stub}}/{{complete}}/{{partial}}/{{exemplary}} (for admin use)

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