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{{character}} This is a guide for what sections to include on a page describing a character.

The part before the in-depth sections should be a few paragraphs long and is meant to be a general overview of who the character is.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

This section should contain a detailed description and their temperament.


This section should describe, in subsections with date ranges, their entire life

=== Period (date range) ==

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

For listing their magical abilities and also other character traits which are relevant.


A list of characters or groups which they interact with and a short description of relevance.


Notable {{quote}} from or about them.


Out of universe facts and info about how Brandon created them.

See Also[edit]

Links to other things which they are a part of.


The notes section should first list <references /> then include the book navbox and any other extra categories (though we prefer these to be tags listed in one part of the infobox). Just prior to the navbar there may be an article status template, one of {{stub}}, {{partial}}, or {{complete}}.