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The following is the proposed style guide for books.

Use infobox {{book}}.

Intro should be at most a paragraph. Include highlights of the article. Mention if part of a series.

Cover Synopsis

Include all versions, including cover flap text.

Plot Summary

Include link to the /summary (if applicable).

Brief summary of events, a few paragraphs at the most.


Include brief descriptions of the significant characters in the book. A few sentences at the most. Denote POV characters with an "*".

; [[Character]]: This character is pretty important and does some really big things.


Brief summary of setting (alternate Earth or Shardworld? Where on?)

If applicable make a brief Magic System sub-section.

Easter Eggs

A summary of all easter eggs contained in the work (such as cameos of real-life people). For Cosmere works include interconnections to the Cosmere, such as the identity of Hoid and other worldhoppers, Shards, Shardpools, etc.

The term Cosmere Connections can either be a replacement for this section, or a subheading if enough things are relevant.


Include relevant information about Brandon's process writing the work, his inspirations, cannibalizations and re-writes.

Include links to Annotations and any other supplementary material. If this information is very short, it can be in Trivia instead.

Publication History

A list of where right were sold in various countries, who to, etc.


A list of any and all awards a work has won.


Cover Art Gallery

A <gallery> of the cover art for various editions of the work.


<References />

{{stub}}/{{complete}}/{{partial}}/{{exemplary}} (for admin use)


series template

[[Category: *insert series*| Book #]]