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Titles Battalionlord
Profession Soldier
Groups Kholin army
Residence The Alethi warcamps
Nationality Alethi
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In The Way of Kings

Havrom is a battalionlord in the Kholin army on Roshar.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Based on his title as a battalionlord,[1] Havrom is presumably a lighteyes of the fourth dahn.[2] He is "built like a tower" and wears his beard long with his chin clean shaven; this is a traditional Horneater style that he wears because he has some Unkalaki ancestry.[1] He holds his officers and soldiers to the high standards of the Kholin army.[1]


In 1173, Havrom was serving as the commander of the Fifth Battalion of the Kholin army on the Shattered Plains. Dalinar messaged him and asked him to gather the soldiers in his camp whom Torol Sadeas had previously questioned regarding the cut in Elhokar's saddle strap.[3][1] Dalinar wanted to find out what Sadeas had asked them.[1] Havrom ensured that all of Dalinar's orders were followed and that his battalion presented itself properly when Dalinar and Adolin arrived.[1]


  • Colot and Tallan are both mentioned as captains in the Fifth Battalion[4] and likely served under Havrom.


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