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Abilities Fused
Species Singer
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Though you are the children of traitors, your war here is to be commended. You faced our hereditary enemies and gave no quarter, even when doomed.

— Hariel to Venli[1]

Hariel is a Fused who possesses Demid during the True Desolation on Roshar.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Hariel has a large, statuesque physique with a broad chest and carapace visible along his arms and at the corners of his face. He has a powerful stance and is far taller than Venli when she is in envoyform. He has red eyes and speaks the ancient language of the Fused in a deep, commanding voice.[1]

Like many Fused, Hariel expects subservience from all singers of lower rank. He seems to be able to think clearly, and has retained more of his sanity than many Fused. Ulim thinks that he is one of the most ill-tempered of all the Fused. Hariel respects Ulim's work on Roshar, but dislikes the fact that he uses human-like language and mannerisms.[1]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Like all Fused, Hariel cannot be killed by conventional means, as he can simply possess the body of a new singer. Hariel's specific powers are not known, but he is one of the physically larger brands of Fused. He presumably has a high level of control with Voidlight, as he seems to be able to make his body pulse with violet power at will, and he can also pool the power in his hands.[1]


You should explain to her, so she does not ... aggravate me.

—Hariel to Ulim, on Venli[1]

Hariel was bound on Braize for millenia by the Oathpact. He was one of the first Fused to return to Roshar through the Everstorm after the Oathpact was broken and the True Desolation began. Upon returning, he inhabited the body of a listener named Demid. Demid and his once-mate Venli had not realized the consequences of possession by the Fused. When Venli realized that Demid was gone, she wanted him to be revived, and Ulim had to quickly tell her to address Hariel with more reverence or he would kill her. Hariel explained to Venli that the Fused do not "share" bodies like Voidspren and informed her that Demid's soul had gone to the "blindness beyond" and could not be brought back.[1]

Hariel also told Venli that her body was intended to be used by a Fused colleague before Odium stepped in to give her envoyform. He believed that Odium had a purpose for her and told her that she would be taken to Alethkar. He did not notice that Venli saw Timbre and quickly concealed her.[1]


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