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Profession Professor
Residence New Seran
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

Professor Hanlanaze is a well known mathematician from New Seran.

He has been studying combustion technology. He grew up in the village of Thermoli, has a beard, is fairly heavy set and is at least part Terris. He was invited to the governor's spring dinner and policy speech at Lady ZoBell's penthouse in Elendel, but is a known recluse and replied that he might not make it to the party. Despite a note on the name manifest not to let anyone else in using his ticket, Wayne impersonates him and sneaks into the party.[1]

Sophi Tarcsel claims that he stole her father's research on incandescent light.[2]

Professor Hanlanaze maintains correspondence with other scientists, including Rame Maldor.[1]


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