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Profession Professor, mathematician
Residence New Seran
Ethnicity Terris
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere

Professor Hanlanaze is a well known mathematician and scientist from New Seran on Scadrial.

He presumably speaks with a Thermolian[fn 1] accent (with distinctive "v" sounds) common in the remote southern village where he grew up. He has a beard, is fairly heavyset, and is at least part Terris.[1]

He is known for contributing to several new discoveries related to combustion technology. He maintains correspondence with other scientists, including Rame Maldor, and is familiar with recent research in the field of electromagnetism.[1] Sophi Tarcsel claims that Hanlanaze stole her father's research on incandescent lights and falsely took credit for the designs that gained widespread use.[2]

In 342 PC, he was invited to the governor's spring dinner and policy speech at Lady ZoBell's penthouse in Elendel, but was a known recluse and replied that he might not make it to the party. Despite a note on the name manifest not to let anyone else in using his ticket, Wayne successfully impersonated him to sneak into the party.[1]


  1. Available maps of the southern Basin and Roughs do not include a village consistent with the adjective "Thermolian", so the actual name and location of the town is unknown.
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