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Profession Military commander
Nationality Alethi
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere

Hallaw is a high-ranking Alethi lighteyes on Roshar.[1] He is a military commander and titled landowner, presumably in the princedom of either Vamah or Aladar.[2]


Hallaw's officers were battalionlords, implying that he was likely a general of the third dahn who reported directly to his highprince.[2]

In 1169, Hallaw fielded an army in a border skirmish against Meridas Amaram, a fellow Alethi who was ostensibly defending the lands of the Sadeas princedom. In Kaladin's third battle after leaving Hearthstone, he faced Hallaw's army as part of a squad in Tashlin's company. After losing the rest of his squad, he searched out Tien in Sheler's company, only to see him killed by the sword of one of Hallaw's lighteyes.[3] This battle was burned into Kaladin's memory and soul.[1]

Kaladin became familiar with Hallaw's tactics, noting that he was fond of long arrow volleys. During his last engagement as part of Amaram's army in 1172, Kaladin sought to kill one of Hallaw's battalionlords, partly as potential vengeance for Tien, but also in hopes of gaining notoriety and a transfer to the Shattered Plains. Amaram's forces were winning the battle, but the Shardbearer Helaran Davar appeared on the battlefield for reasons that remain unclear, killing many of Amaram's men.[1][4] Kaladin fought and killed Helaran but did not take up his Shards;[1] Amaram seized them instead.[5] Hallaw presumably lost the battle, and his subsequent fate is unknown.


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