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Powers Rithmatics
Profession Professor
Residence Armedius Academy
World Earth (Rithmatist)
Featured In The Rithmatist

You'll get used to him, Nalizar. We keep having to throw the child out of our classes. He finds ways to sneak in and listen."

—Professor Haberstock to Andrew Nalizar after noticing Joel Saxon standing near the professors' dinner table[1]

Haberstock is a professor of Rithmatics at Armedius Academy.[1]

When Andrew Nalizar began lecturing the other professors at the dinner after he challenged Professor Fitch and received his tenure, Professor Haberstock tried to convince Nalizar that his point had been made and that he didn't need to upset things further. Later that night, he noticed Joel Saxon standing near the professors' dinner table, and warned Nalizar that Joel often tried to sneak into Rithmatics classes.[1]

He doesn't allow non-Rithmatics students into his classes.[1] As a result, Melody Muns was forced to deliver a note to him on at least one occasion.[2]


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