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Profession Pirate
Species Heklo
Homeworld Unknown
Universe Cytoverse
First Appeared Cytonic

Gward is the leader of a faction of pirates in the belt of the nowhere.[1]


Gward attended the duel to determine the pirate champion, along with the other faction leaders. After the duel, when Peg proposed a unified assault on the Superiority base of Surehold, Gward was initially skeptical, not wanting to have the same discussion again. When Semm and Gremm eventually agreed to join the assault, Gward reluctantly did as well. Her faction needed the reality ashes that could be obtained at Surehold, and she confirmed that the factions would split the spoils evenly.[1] With the help of Gward and his faction, the assault succeeded, and they took control of Surehold.[2]


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