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Profession Wheelwright
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Guff is a bad-mouthed wheelwright and caravaneer.[1]

Guff is an older man who is half a reed tall and has some sort of injury that affects his walking and movement.[1] It is likely that he has an accent of some sort, that is associated with the caravaneers.[1]

He is an old friend of Moash's from before the younger man travelled to the Shattered Plains. Moash found Guff again in Revolar after the city had been conquered by the singers. Guff had taken up employment with the local Brightlord, Paladar, as a guard and was tasked with keeping people out of the Brightlord's tents and also alerting Paladar to any soldiers who were captured. He was surprised to see Moash, and assumed the other man to be dead.[1]

Finding out that Moash had at some point been a soldier, Guff took him to see Paladar, however, Moash's silence when asked questions by the Brightlord led to Guff being beaten and replaced.[1]


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