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Nationality Purelaker
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared Words of Radiance

Gu is a flotilla guide in the Reshi Sea on Roshar.[1]

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

He has leathery skin, long limbs, and dark hair. He almost always maintains a relaxed posture. Rysn assumes that he is a Purelaker, despite the fact that he does not mention Vun Makak.[1] He is very easygoing, and is apathetic towards punctuality and schedules, like most Purelakers.[1][2]

Attributes and AttributesEdit

Gu is able to speak Thaylen well.[1] He also speaks at least a small amount of Reshi,[1] which is in the same language family as Purelake dialects.[3] He is able to skillfully navigate the waters of the Reshi Sea without hitting any dangerous underwater trees. He paddles slowly, always on one side of the boat, yet he can keep it moving straight. He believes that the Tai-na are sapient.[1]


He guided a convoy containing Vstim's crew (including Rysn, Kylrm, and Nlent) to a Reshi island, riding in Rysn's boat. He noted that the islands had been harder to find recently, as they were moving in unexpected ways. He was amused when Rysn realized that the island they were visiting was actually a massive greatshell, a Tai-na known as Relu-na. He also laughed when Rysn was embarrassed after realizing that many of the island's residents were nudists. He explained to Rysn that it was too dangerous to dock boats to a Tai-na, and that crews slept on the open ocean and simply found the island in the morning.[1]


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