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Parents Sor
Residence Diggen's Point
Homeworld Lumar
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared Tress of the Emerald Sea

Gret is a citizen of Diggen's Point on Lumar. She assists Tress escape The Rock. [1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Gret is a young, raven-haired woman. She is slight and small enough to fit comfortably in an ale barrel, and still have room to insulate the inside with feathers.[2]


Diggen's Point and Tress' Escape[edit]

Gret, like most residents of Diggen's Point, lived on The Rock for most of her life. Similar to those that lived there with her, she was not allowed to leave.

She took part in the plan to help Tress escape aboard the Oot's Dream by hiding herself in an ale barrel full of feathers to muffle her breathing, and hide her from the Inspector. She was discovered by the Inspector and told that her betrayal would be reported to the Verdant King.[2] However, she; along with Brick, Gremmy and her father Sor knew this to be a ruse, for the inspector, was actually Tress in disguise. By the time Tress has board the Oot's Dream and sailed off, she has quietly slipped away. The only people to know of her involvement were Tress, Gremmy, Brick and her father.[1]

Tress Return[edit]

Tress returned to Diggen's Point, as captain of the Two Cups but only for a short time, long enough to deliver the King's new instructions, along with several other letters, and retrieve her family. During her return, she took special care to thank Gremmy, Brick, Gret, and Sor for their assistance in helping her initially escape The Rock.[3]


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