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Grand Aurora
Related to Lancing
World Alornia
Universe Wode States
Featured In Perfect State

The Grand Aurora encircled the entire world, and even the mightiest storms did little more than churn its mother-of-pearl shimmering. The Aurora defeated storms; that was how I knew I’d someday be able to do it too.

— Kai about the Grand Aurora[1]

The Grand Aurora is a celestial phenomenon on Alornia, a source of constant blue-violet light in the sky. It encompasses all of Alornia, and gives out mother-of-pearl shimmering that can be seen through even the worst weather conditions. When dark, the Aurora faintly lights the ground, making everything look slightly blue.

The Grand Aurora gives off a constant energy, though this energy is only noticeable when an individual has entered Lancesight. While in Lancesight the Aurora can be seen indoors, even through stone ceilings, and its energy can be felt as a warm, pulsing rhythm on the skin. This energy allows the Aurora to act as a constant energy source for Lancing.

As the Grand Aurora is programming specific to Alornia, it only manifests in Alornia and the connected Border States. Similar phenomena can likely be found in other States.[1]

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