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World Nalthis
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Warbreaker

Grable is a restaurateur and infamous thief lord in T'Telir on Nalthis[1].

Appearance and Personality

Grable shows off his wealth by wearing bright colors, and his influence by the number of bodyguards that accompany him. However, his appearance is marred by a long, greasy beard and missing teeth. He is cautious, conniving, and greedy. [1]


Grable is approached by Denth and Vivenna because he was a strong supporter of Vahr’s rebellion, and Denth hopes he will continue to feed unrest in the city of T’Telir by attacking caravans of food. It took weeks to set up a meeting with him.[1]

Over the course of the meeting, it becomes clear that Grable is more interested in having Vivenna for his own purposes than helping their cause. He does not believe she is actually the princess of Idris, but simply has enough royal blood to change her hair color. When his bodyguards attack Denth, it was partially to see if they could take her by force instead of paying for her, and partially to test Denth’s reputation as a swordsman and mercenary. According to Tonk Fah, the meeting would be beneficial for Grable either way: “He either got to verify Denth’s skill or he got you (Vivenna).” [1]

Grable is confident that Denth cannot kill him without facing the retaliation of half the criminals in T’Telir. [1]


Grable owns this restaurant, Princess. Every second man in this room is probably a bodyguard.

It’s a pity we couldn’t do business. I hope you’ll think of me for future dealings.



Grable makes a comment about the the inheritance of the Royal Locks to be “superstitious nonsense.”[1] The author explains in an annotation that this is intended to be a hint that there is something odd happening with the royal line of Idris, but that he won’t be able to address it unless he writes a sequel. Template:Annotation ref


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