Glass of Alivening

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Bringing an inanimate thing to life this way is evil. To do it, the Oculator has to give up a bit of his own humanity and store it in Glass of Alivening. That’s what those eyes are made of. Shoot it, Sing. If you hit it in the eye, you may be able to kill it.

Alivener's glass is a kind of Silimatic glass that is used to create Alivened[2] and by Scrivener's Bones to augment their bodies[3]. Usually, a bead or two of glass serve as eyes of the creature to be Alivened. In case of Scrivener's Bones, a single bead replaces one of their organic eyes. To charge the Glass of Alivening, an Oculator stores part of his "humanity" (things like capacity to love, protect others, and have mercy) in a bead. Destroying the beads is usually enough to destroy an Alivened[1]. While the glass gives the resulting creature the ability to function, it is the material that it is made of that determines its temperament.

Some people consider Alivening to be dark Oculary[4], so it is not commonly used in Free Kingdoms.


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