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Related to Smedry Talent
World Earth (Alcatraz)
Featured In Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians (series)

Silimatic technologies use glass made from different types of sand to produce differing effects. Silimatic glass can be used by anyone, but lenses can only be used by Oculators. Alcatraz Smedry has drawn parallels between Silimatic technologies and Smedry Talents in the past. He has also been able to increase the power of various Silimatic technologies.

Silimatic Sand[edit]

All types of Silimatic technology are made originally out of sand.

Bright Sand
Bright Sand is one of the most common types of sand. It lets off a glow that causes other types of sand, or glass, to do strange things. Bright sand powers most silimatic technology.
Dull sand
Dull Sand is one of the only types of sand that don't do anything. The librarians have gone to great lengths to cover beaches in it to make sand seem common and boring, and thus of little value.

Silimatic Glass[edit]

Types of glass include the following:

Alivener's Glass
Also known as Glass of Alivening, Alivener's Glass can create Alivened by storing part of a Dark Oculator's humanity, making the Dark Oculator less humane in the process.
Builder's Glass
Builder's Glass is used as a building material. It is not as strong as Restoring Glass.[1]
Communicator's Glass
When broken in half, Communicator's Glass allows communication between the two pieces for 20 days. Usually, both halves must be activated in order to allow for communication.[2][3]. In extreme cases, this glass can communicate one way with ordinary glass, and it can also be set to transmit one way.[3]
Defender's Glass
Defender's Glass protects structures that are inside it. It is extremely strong.
Detonator's Glass
Detonator's Glass explodes. It can be set to go off within a certain area.[4]
Enforcer's Glass
Enforcer's Glass is impossible to break, even with a Smedry Talent.[5] It is used to make handcuffs.[6]
Expander's Glass
Expander's Glass allows the inside of a structure or object built within it to be bigger than its outside. It is deep lavender in color.[7] It is very difficult to break, even with a Talent.[8]
Grappler's Glass
Grappler's Glass clings to other surfaces, influencing gravity. It is used on the bottoms of boots to enable people to walk up surfaces. It supports the whole body instead of only fixing the foot in place. It is often used by Alcatraz to walk on Silimatic vehicles such as the Hawkwind and the Dragonaut.
Inhibitor's Glass
Inhibitor's Glass stops those touching it from using Silimatic technology or Smedry Talents. It may have been used by librarians to stop messaging to and from Tuki Tuki.
Illuminator's Glass
Illuminator's Glass is an uncanonical name for the glass used to illuminate the trunk of clothes Alcatraz was trying on.[3]
Messenger's Glass
Messenger's Glass is used as a means of communication. The Librarians destroyed Mokia's supply of Messenger's Glass.[9]
Orientation Glass
Orientation Glass influences the direction of gravity. It is used inside vehicles that might get upside-down.
Protective Glass
Protective Glass emits a protective field capable of stopping a full Crystin punch. The exact name of this glass type is unknown.[10]
Rebuilder's Glass
Recognizer's Glass
Reinforcer's Glass
Restoring Glass
Restoring Glass easily shatters at the touch of an Oculator, but restores itself when the Oculator moves away from it. It is incredibly strong otherwise. It is black in color.[7]
Sentinel's Glass
Shielder's Glass
Snarer's Glass
Snarer's Glass is used for traps. However, each square can only be triggered one time.[6]
Transporter's Glass
Transporter's Glass is used in pairs. When activated at the exact same time, it can instantly swap the locations of two objects, usually glass boxes, that have exactly same size.[11] If more than two identically sized transporter's boxes are activated at the same time, the occupants would be killed.
A type of glass used to warn of Librarian illusions in the Penguinator's cockpit.[12]

Oculators Powering Silimatic Technology[edit]

During his time in Nalhalla, Alcatraz discovers that Oculators can power Silimatic technology without brightsand.[13] Depending on the amount of brightsand the glass normally needs, the powering of the glass can be more power-sapping than with less energy-using Silimatics.[clarification needed]


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