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Lunamor's family
Parents Lunamor, Tuaka
Siblings Cord, Rock, Star, Kuma'tiki, Beautiful Song
Residence Urithiru
Nationality Unkalaki
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Gift is Lunamor and Tuaka's eldest son, and twin brother of Cord. The young boy is very tall and pale-skinned. He is Vorin, and wears a glyphward tied to his arm.[1][2]

Gift was converted to Vorinism, with his father's blessing, by Veden monks who came to the Horneater Peaks.[2] He arrived at the Shattered Plains with his family in Jes 1174 after traveling for months to meet with Lunamor, who sent them a message shortly after his arrival. Gift's caravan was attacked by Voidbringers and his family defended themselves behind a pile of furniture. During the attack a member of her family shot a Voidbringer with an Unkalaki arrow. They were found by Bridge Four during a patrol and taken to Urithiru. Lunamor was surprised by how much Gift had grown during the time he was away. After settling in Urithiru, Gift helped his father serve food and drink to Bridge Four.[1][2]

Gift is the only one of his siblings who speaks enough Alethi to manage a passable greeting.[1]


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