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Nation High Empire
Featured In Firstborn

Gemwater is planet in the Reaches that is part of the High Empire.[1]

Prior to Varion Crestmar's graduation from the Academy, the planet had rebelled against the empire and was outside of its control. About five years into his re-conquest of the Reaches, Varion retook the planet after committing many of his forces to doing so. When reviewing Varion's strategies, Dennison Crestmar found the decision to focus on Gemwater odd, as the planet had little strategic importance and less military power. When Varion launched his rebellion against the empire, about fifteen years after he had captured Gemwater, Dennison realized he had focused on capturing Gemwater early so that its scientists—who he brought with him, so that he could supervise them directly—would have time to create technology he could use against the empire. The shield that protected Varion against Sennion Crestmar's attack was likely developed by those Gemwater scientists.[1]


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