Ganlos Riera

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Ganlos Riera
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere

You don't survive like the Mink has without learning to wiggle out of situations others could never escape.

Is no like he needs us a lot. The Ganlos Riera herself couldn’t catch him!

—Two Herdazian soldiers discussing Dieno enne Calah's evasiveness[1]

The Ganlos Riera is a female individual on Roshar.[1] It is not clear if "Ganlos Riera" is a title, a name, or some other descriptor.

The Ganlos Riera is likely related to Herdaz in some way; the Mink's soldiers explain to Kaladin that the general is one of the few people that would be able to elude the Ganlos Riera.[1]


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