Gallosect IV

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Gallosect IV
Nation High Empire

Gallosect IV is a planet in the Reaches that is part of the High Empire.[1]

Prior to Varion Crestmar's graduation from the Academy, the planet had rebelled against the empire and was outside of its control. Sometime during his re-conquest of the Reaches, Varion retook the planet. In the battle at Gallosect, Varion's forces had a two-to-one advantage, which he utilized by sacrificing fighters to keep the Gallosect flagship occupied while he took out the Gallosect gunships, so that he could then take the flagship from a distance. After Varion rebelled against the empire, High Admiral Kern cited the battle at Gallosect IV to Dennison Crestmar as a precedent for Varion not focusing his attacks on the enemy's flagship. Dennison, however, correctly concluded that something else was going on, as Varion did not have the numerical advantage in the present battle that he had at Gallosect IV.[1]


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