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Gallery of Maps

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Gallery of Maps
Region Shattered Plains
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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The Gallery of Maps is a Soulcast building in the king's complex on the Shattered Plains on Roshar.[1]

Appearance And Location[edit]

Prime Map of the Shattered Plains

It is located east of Elhokar's palace on the Shattered Plains. It is domed with large skylights lighting shalebark formations. This building was expensive to Soulcast, due to its large size and smooth surface. Several maps, including the Prime Map, are located in the Gallery as well as parchment listing each highprince along with the number of gemhearts won in accordance with the Vengeance Pact.[1]


Dalinar met with Highprince Roion to try and convince Roion to join forces in order to do a joint attack.[1] Shallan visited the Gallery to study the Prime Map prior to the expedition deep into the Plains, which later enabled her to discover the symmetry of the plateaus.[2]

In Urithiru[edit]

There is a room on the penultimate floor of the tower of Urithiru that is also called the Gallery of Maps, named after the Gallery on the Shattered Plains. It is a windowless, quiet chamber, wherein Dalinar met with Taravangian, Ialai Sadeas, Highprince Hatham, Highprince Aladar, Highprince Ruthar, Queen Fen, and the Azish generals, along with each member's delegation.[3]


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