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Parents Gagaril[1]
Profession Guard
Residence T'Telir
Nationality Hallandren
Homeworld Nalthis
Universe Cosmere

“I was named after my father, Your Grace.”

“After he what? Spent an unusual amount of time at the local tavern?"

Lightsong speaking with Gagaril[1]

Gagaril is a guard in Mercystar's palace in Hallandren on Nalthis.[1]

He is named for his father.[1] He wears an extravagant costume in Mercystar's colors. Although he is a guard, he does not carry a weapon since the people of Hallandren do not believe anyone would ever attack a Returned. His duty is simply to keep anyone from wandering in and bothering the goddess while she sleeps.[2]


Gagaril and Fran were on duty when Vasher broke into the palace. Vasher noted that both men were alert and attentive, even though they did not have much to worry about. He pretended to be a madman to get close to them, and was surprised when they showed him kindness. However, he still needed to get in, so he attacked Gagaril with Awakened cloak tassels and rammed Fran in the stomach with Nightblood. Gagaril was choked into unconsciousness but was otherwise unharmed.[2][3]

The two guards were later interviewed by Lightsong when he was investigating the break-in. Lightsong mocked Gagaril's name, asking if his father came up with it while drunk, before sending him and Fran to stand away from the others so he could individually corroborate each of their stories.[1]


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