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Fu Abra
Region The Purelake
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere

Fu Abra is a Purelaker village on Roshar. It is located somewhere on the Purelake and is the only village miles around it. A rare fish, known as a kolgril, can be found near the village.[1]

The buildings are built on stilts, however, they are only partially raised, with several inches of water being found covering the inside flooring. They have domed roofs, which make them resemble rockbuds.[1]

Maib's house is located near the center of the village. It is where Ishikk met, more than once, with Grump,[2] Blunt,[3] and Thinker[4] in their search for Hoid. Ishikk claims that Hoid hasn't been around.[1]



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