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Siblings Mailey
Residence Urteau
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Franson was a resident of Urteau.

He asked Spook to rescue his sister Mailey from Quellion's witch-hunt after playing cards with Durn, she got taken because their father was a nobleman.[1] Under direction from Spook he gathers some friends and digs up the bodies of those burnt in a previous house burning, finding nine skulls for the ten people killed, leading Spook to realise that the tenth was secretly whisked as they are mistings.[2]


  • Franson is a cameo name based on Scott Franson, also the inspiration for Llarimar. When Brandon participated in a fundraiser at his local church by giving a name and character in the Hero of Ages to the winner. Aaron Yeoman (whom Aradan Yomen was named afer) won, but Scott Franson came runner-up, and Brandon decided to give him a cameo as well.[3][4]


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