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World Earth (Alcatraz)
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The second become Fleshstones, which are what really make us into Crystin.

Bastille's explanation of Crystallia[1]

The Fleshstone is a crystal embedded in the back of the neck of a knight of Crystallia.

Fleshstones are created from one of the three types of crystals that grow in Crystallia. They appear as blue crystals in the back of a Crystin's neck.[1] When removed from a Crystin, they are about the size of two fingers. The act of removing a Fleshstone from a Crystin is considered a deep violation and can lead to the Crystin's death if it is not replaced.[2]

The Fleshstone improves the physical abilities of a Crystin beyond normal human abilities. In particular, it gives them an enhanced speed and strength.[3] It accomplishes this by connecting all the Crystin together through the Mindstone. When one Crystin knows how to do something, every Crystin gets slightly better at it.[4] Crystin can also feel the presence of other Crystin through the Fleshstone. Sensing a Fleshstone is not dependent on the Fleshstone being inside a Crystin.[2] This also creates a weakness in the Knights, that is if the Mindstone is interrupted, an enemy can harm all the Knights through the connection.[5]

Alcatraz sends his Talent through the Fleshstone into every Crystin at the end of the Siege of Mokia.[6]


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