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Died Nanishi 1174[1][2]
Profession Security guard
Residence Thaylen City
Nationality Thaylen
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Fladm is a guard at the Thaylen Gemstone Reserve in Thaylen City on Roshar.[1]


In early 1174, he was part of a guard rotation stationed at the door to the queen's personal sphere vault within the inner vault of the Gemstone Reserve. Rysn was familiar with Fladm since she often entered the vault to perform her accounting duties. He was on duty during the Battle of Thaylen Field when Rysn and Vstim entered the queen's vault to work on an audit, accompanied by another vault guard named Tlik and a member of the Queen's Guard. Fladm waited near the entrance to the vault.[1]

The Queen's Guardsman revealed himself to be a Fused in disguise; he murdered Tlik, took his crossbow, and stole the King's Drop ruby. Fladm was the first guard to hear the commotion, and quickly arrived in the vault while raising the alarm. He shot the infiltrator in the back twice, but the Fused seemed to heal himself. The thief then shot Fladm with Tlik's crossbow, and Rysn encountered Fladm's corpse a short time later. Rysn took Fladm's crossbow and used it to avenge him and the other guards by shooting the Fused through the chin while Chiri-Chiri prevented him from healing.[1]

Fladm's body was presumably lost in the rubble of the Reserve after Yushah destroyed it during her search for the King's Drop.[3]


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