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Profession Guard
Residence Thaylen City
Nationality Thaylen
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Fladm is a guard in the Thaylen Gemstone Reserve.

He was the guard in Queen Fen’s personal vault in early 1174, and was on duty during the Battle of Thaylen Field. He was alerted to the Fused attack when Vstim was shot, and he shoots the infiltrator in the back twice, before running to alert the other guards. The thief then shoots him with the crossbow of another guard, and he dies not long after. His fallen weapons are grabbed by Rysn and used to avenge him and the other guards by shooting the Singer through the chin.[1] His body is presumably lost in the rubble of the reserve after Yushah the Thunderclast destroys it to get the gem.[2]


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