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|profession=[[Derethi]] {{tag+|Arteth}}
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'''Fjon''' is a [[Derethi]] [[arteth]] from [[Fjorden]] on [[Sel]]. He is the head arteth in [[Kae]], the capital of [[Arelon]], until the arrival of the gyorn [[Hrathen]].
'''Fjon''' is a [[Derethi]] [[arteth]] from [[Fjorden]] on [[Sel]]. He is the head arteth in [[Kae]], the capital of [[Arelon]], until the arrival of the gyorn [[Hrathen]].

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Profession Derethi Arteth
Nationality Fjordell
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris

Fjon is a Derethi arteth from Fjorden on Sel. He is the head arteth in Kae, the capital of Arelon, until the arrival of the gyorn Hrathen.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Fjon is balding, pudgy, and stumpy.[1] He wears the typical red robes of a Derethi priest.[1] He is genial and is seen smiling and exchanging pleasantries with the residents of Kae.[1] His office in the Derethi chapel is somewhat cluttered and decorated with paintings of nature scenes.[1]

Although he is Fjordell, he defaults to speaking the Aonic language in Kae, until Hrathen admonishes him.[1]


Head Arteth[edit]

Hrathen mentions that Fjon has lived in Arelon for ten years, approximately the same amount of time since the Reod and the fall of Elantris.[1] Around five years after Fjon became head arteth, Dilaf arrived from Naen with numerous Derethi converts, doubling the number of followers in Kae.[1] Fjon is impressed by Dilaf and makes him an arteth, although this is not actually allowable under Derethi law.[1]


When Hrathen arrives in Kae, he immediately dismisses Fjon back to Fjorden to be retrained in a monastery.[1] Hrathen tells him that he has become complacent and too friendly with the Arelene locals, neglecting his duties as a Derethi priest.[1] Hrathen believes Fjon has not used appropriate discipline with other priests under his command, and half of them will also need to be sent back to Fjorden.[1] Dilaf agrees with Hrathen's assessment of Fjon's weakness.[1]

Fjon is shocked and initially disappointed by his repatriation, but Hrathen shows him orders from Wyrn Wulfden the Fourth stating that all of Arelon must be converted to Shu-Dereth within three months or the Fjordell Empire will invade.[1] Fjon then capitulates and departs for Fjorden.[1]

Hrathen has a second document from Wyrn that would have branded Fjon a traitor to Shu-Dereth (likely sentencing him to death), but he believes Fjon still has worth and chooses not to use it.[1] However, he does instruct Dilaf to kill Fjon if he attempts to leave the ship bound for Fjorden.[1]

Hrathen is not able to find a suitable replacement as head arteth after Fjon's departure.[2] He realizes that the banishment of Fjon and the other less-disciplined priests left only the most zealous followers behind, and without a head arteth, Dilaf was able to step in as the de facto leader of the chapel.[2]

Return to Arelon[edit]

Fjon reappears during the Battle of Teoras. He stabs Hrathen in the chest in a surprise attack before smiling and disappearing into a crowd.[3] Hrathen is confused to see Fjon and does not understand how he found him.[3] It is revealed that Wyrn instructed Fjon to kill Hrathen in order to fulfill his penance to Jaddeth and gain admission to the Rathbore Monastery to train as an assassin.[3] Wyrn used some form of magical foresight, possibly Fortune, to inform Fjon of Hrathen's location.[4] Fjon seems quite happy and content after stabbing Hrathen.[3]


  • Brandon has some regret that Fjon's sudden reappearance was not adequately set up in Elantris, although he does feel that it represents the randomness that can occur in real life.[4]


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