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Abilities Shardbearer
Profession Soldier
Groups Cobalt Guard (Captain)
Residence Urithiru
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In Rhythm of War

Fisk is a Shardbearer in Dalinar's army and captain of the Cobalt Guard on Roshar.[1][2] His Blade is named Loremaker.[2]


Fisk was promoted to captain of the Cobalt Guard sometimes after the position was vacated by Kaladin.[2] Adolin lent his Shardplate to Fisk while on his mission to Shadesmar in Vev 1175.[1] While in Emul, Fisk coordinated a perimeter of soldiers around Dalinar's tent, shortly after the duel between Jasnah and Ruthar. Dalinar and Fisk are able to communicate with only nods.[2]


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