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Species UrDail
Homeworld ReDawn
Universe Cytoverse

Finis is an UrDail from ReDawn. She is Alanik's espionage trainer, who prepared her for her mission to Starsight. She teaches Alanik to avoid direct requests, as they might be considered too aggressive, and tells her not to judge the practices of other cultures. She gives Alanik some instructions on making small talk with others, and tells her to look for oppurtunities to announce what she needed in a negotiation.[1] She teaches Alanik the facial expressions of many different species, and that a good spy always pays attention to detail and is level-headed and deliberate. Though Alanik never went on her mission, Finis' instruction was useful when Alanik was negotiating with the humans on Detritus to help her people.[2]


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