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Residence Luthadel
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared The Well of Ascension

Feldeu is an elderly dressmaker who owns a shop on the Kenton Street in Luthadel.[1]

He makes the dress Vin wears to parley with Straff Venture during the Siege of Luthadel. The dress is specifically designed for Allomancers, featuring spaces for vials.[2]

Lady Heir,
I made the chest and bodice extra tight to give support - and cut the skirts so they would resist flaring - in case you need to jump. There are slits for metal vials in each of the cuffs, as well as a ripple in the cloth cut to obscure a dagger strapped around each forearm. I hope you find the alterations suitable.
Feldeu, Dressmaker

—Letter that Feldeu sends along with the dress.[2]


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