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Achievements Discoverer of Ruin's Perpendicularity
Era Classical Scadrial
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere

Fedik was a Scadrian who lived during the classical era.

Fedik is known only from Alendi's journal. He was a member of the party that traveled with Alendi to the Well of Ascension shortly before the Ascension of the Lord Ruler.[1] He was suspicious of the party's Terrismen guides, fearing that they would abandon the group in the mountains.[1] This implies that Fedik was from Khlennium or one of the other nations that supported Alendi's quest.[2]

During the journey, Fedik discovered Ruin's Perpendicularity. He was curious about it, but Alendi did not allow him to take a sample of the waters.[3] Fedik was subsequently stabbed in the chest by a mist spirit wielding an "invisible knife" that had been following the group.[4][1][5] Alendi wondered if the spirit had been angered by Fedik's interest in the Perpendicularity.[3] Fedik survived the stabbing and continued on the expedition, but he was traumatized by both his wound and the sight of the spirit;[5] Alendi feared that he would accidentally wander off of a cliffside.[1]

Alendi was the only other person that saw the mist spirit stab Fedik. Rashek spread rumors that Alendi was the actual perpetrator, causing Alendi to question his own sanity.[5]


  • The identity of the mist spirit that stabbed Fedik is unclear. Brandon has RAFO'd most questions about it, such as whether it was Preservation or Ruin[6] and the possibility of the knife being a Hemalurgic spike.[7] It is not the same mist spirit later seen by Vin and Elend.[4]


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