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Nalthian system
Starchart nalthis color.jpg
Shards Endowment
Notable Planet(s) Nalthis
Universe Cosmere

The Nalthian system is the name given to the planetary system containing the planet of Nalthis. In addition to Nalthis, it includes one gas giant, one outer planet, a comet belt, and a cognitive anomaly manifesting in the Physical Realm.[1] Notably, both of the non-inhabited planets are named like the Returned, such as Lightsong the Brave.



Nalthis is the only planet in the system known to be inhabited -- it has a large human population and a Shard, Endowment.[2] Humans on Nalthis differ from those elsewhere in the cosmere in that they are born with Breath, Endowment's Investiture. Breath provides a number of passive benefits, as well as fuel for the local magic system, Awakening.[3]

Nalthis has one moon, Rrendos. It also shares its orbit with an unspecified cognitive anomaly, although it's unknown whether it passes through it once a year, or if the anomaly follows the planet's motion.[1]

Farkeeper the Bright

A red gas giant, and the largest planet in the Nalthian system. It has at least six moons orbiting it.[1]

Nightstar the Hidden

A small, violet outer planet, located at a considerable distance from Farkeeper. A comet belt lies beyond Nightstar, marking the system's edge.[1]


The Nalthian sun is a yellow star, similar to those of Scadrial and Sel. The system is located in "The Giver" constellation.[4] Its closest known stellar neighbor is the Selish system, with Greater Roshar a bit further away.[5]

The local name of Nalthis' subastral is unknown. It's been speculated that it corresponds to what Rosharans name the Expanse of Vibrance, in which case it would directly neighbor Shadesmar. There are, in fact, regular caravans travelling between the two subastrals, carrying both goods and people.[6] The Nalthian system is extremely popular with worldhoppers, to the point of there being a customs check in the vicinity of the local perpendicularity.[7] This sole perpendicularity is located on Nalthis, in the jungles of the nation of Hallandren.[8]


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