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Nation High Empire
Featured In Firstborn

Falna is a planet in the High Empire.[1]

It is an important planet, near the core of the empire, and is home to an imperial fleet. By the end of the Reunification War, however, the empire's forces were stretched thin, as they had been pushing outward to hold their newly re-expanded borders. As a result, Falna was one of the ten locations Varion Crestmar attacked in his rebellion against the empire.[1]

When Dennison Crestmar analyzed the attack on Falna, he correctly predicted that Varion would push the imperial gunships there into retreating, thus breaking their firing lines and opening a gap for his fighters. After the High Emperor gave Dennison permission to transmit fake reports of the battles to Varion through a bug in Varion's klage transmitter, Dennison made it look like one of the imperial gunships had gotten off a lucky shot, breaking Varion's fighter line in just the wrong place and allowing the imperial fighters to rally, resulting in an unlikely but not unreasonable defeat for Varion.[1]


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