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Profession Security officer
Homeworld Earth (Rithmatist)
First Appeared The Rithmatist

I am Captain Eventire. I represent Sir Calloway's security force. I should say that we are most displeased by these events.

—Eventire upon meeting Inspector Harding[1]

Captain Eventire is the head of security for the Calloways. He is a tall man, wears a top hat and a monocle, and carries a cane.[1]


When Charles Calloway was kidnapped by the Scribbler and an investigation group arrived at the Calloways' mansion, Eventire greeted them. He got into an argument with Inspector Harding over who's most to blame for the kidnapping. He accused Harding and the New Britannia police force of not taking care of the problem earlier, though Harding was a federal inspector, not a state inspector. Harding turned the question back on Eventire, asking where he and his men were when Charles was kidnapped. Eventire had no answer, and was embarrassed. Eventire asked why the government doesn't employ a Rithmatist on their police force full time, but Harding replied that it hadn't been necessary, since Rithmatists don't usually kill people. Harding told Eventire that he had work to do, and told Eventire to go look after Lord Calloway and not get in the way. Eventire did so, but was displeased by events.[1]


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