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Epic-based technology
World Earth (Reckoners)
Universe Reckoners Multiverse
Featured In The Reckoners

In the world of the Reckoners, Epic-based technology consists of items that harness the superpowers of an Epic, allowing their users to defy the laws of physics.


All epic-based technologies have a core component called the motivator, which provides the Epic power. The motivator contains cells from an Epic that must be sampled within minutes of his/her death, due to rapid degradation of their DNA.[1][2] The motivator actually functions as a miniature incubator, keeping the cells alive for many years.[3] Each motivator can only provide a single Epic ability, no matter how many powers the source Epic had.[3] Motivators can technically be made from the cells of a living Epic, but the Epic will be able to immediately sense their powers being used, causing them pain. The Epic will attempt to track down and destroy the device, often killing the user.[4] Knighthawk Foundry no longer makes motivators from living Epics for this reason.[3]

Most epic-based technologies are fabricated in a way that allows the user to wear or transport the device, with some sort of interface allowing access to the Epic power. This can include vests, backpacks, gloves, control panels, and other attachments.[5][6]


Dean Knighthawk was involved in the development of the motivator, and his Knighthawk Foundry is among the most well-known manufacturers of epic-based devices.[3] Very few people know how motivators actually work, and even Knighthawk does not fully understand certain quirks of the technology.[3]

Because viable samples of Epic DNA are so rare, they are traded as high currency to the makers of epic-based technology through a black market run by dealers such as Diamond.[1]


Epic-based technology can be used in a wide range of applications, including weapons, energy sources, construction, and communication. The technology is sometimes difficult and dangerous to use, and may require a great deal of practice to master.[5] Some people are intuitively proficient with certain devices.[7] Occasionally, a person is unable to use a certain piece of technology for no clear reason; this is more common when Epics try to use the devices.[3] Additionally, if one person attempts to use multiple devices from different Epics at the same time, they may interfere with each other.[3]

Motivators do not appear to be affected by the weakness of their source Epic. It is implied that some powers are harder to make into motivators; for example, cross dimensional powers are extremely hard to control.[8]

Known Epic-based Technologies
Device Epic Power and usage
Spyril Waterlog (Georgi) Water teleportation that powers a water jetpack.[9]
Rtich Rtich Mercury manipulation.[10]
Bombs Obliteration Able to level a city. Created by Regalia,[11] the detonators are small rods.[12]
Animated mannequin The Wooden Soul Powered by wood manipulation; used as an exoskeleton by Dean Knighthawk.[3]
Tensors, Jackets, and Harmsway suit[13] Limelight (Prof, aka Jonathan Phaedrus) Grants disintegration, forcefield, and healing.
Combines three motivators into one device, representing an advancement in Knighthawk technology.[14]
Gauss gun Rick O'Shea Fires bullets that explode with disintegrating energy.[1] Requires an external power source.
Crystal grower Unknown Augments any crystalline structure indefinitely.[10]
Knighthawk's mobile phones Unknown Provide secure communication over long distances, even underground.[15] Unusual in that individual phones do not require their own motivator.


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