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World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

The Envisagers were a group of people who secretly bore the remembrance of the Knights Radiant and awaited their return.[1] Currently there are no living Envisagers known,[2] although they could potentially still exist in Yulay, as Sigzil speaks of a group there with similar goals.[3]

They are probably a splinter group of the Sons of Honor.[4][5]


They believed in the Knights Radiant, their way of life, the Immortal Words, the Ideals, and also in the Almighty, and even in old Vorinism.[6] They knew the Immortal Words and the Ideals of the Knights Radiant.

They desired the return of the Knights Radiant. Similarly to the Sons of Honor, they believed that if they could find a way to return the Voidbringers, the Knights Radiant would also return.[7]

They also believed that the powers of the Knights Radiant were likely to manifest themselves in someone whose life was in danger. They would place themselves in mortal danger, often dying in the attempt.[5] Teft spoke of people being pushed off of cliffs or crushed by rocks.[7]


Teft's parents were Envisagers. Contrary to his parents, Teft thought it nonsense and left the sect.[1] He didn't believe until he saw Kaladin infusing Stormlight.[2] Unfortunately, Teft couldn't seek advice from them, because he unintentionally caused their deaths when he reported the Envisagers' activities to their citylord. The citylord, for reasons Teft does not understand, had the entire group executed.[7]


The Envisagers were gone. Dead, because of what he had done. If there were others, he had no idea how to locate them.


They thought that people were more likely to manifest powers if their lives were in danger. So...they'd put lives in danger. Members of their own group-never an innocent outsider, bless the winds. But that was bad enough. I watched people let themselves be pushed off cliffs, watched them tied in place with a candle slowly burning a rope until it snapped and dropped a rock to crush them.



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