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Type Musical instrument
Owner Hoid
World Roshar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

An enthir is a stringed instrument played by Hoid on Roshar.[1] An unnamed musician, possibly Hoid, is also seen with a similar instrument on Taldain.[2][3]

On Roshar[edit]

The enthir is square-shaped. It is played from above, the strings being plucked as it sits on the player's lap.[1] It is possible to strum the instrument, although some consider this an improper technique.[1] Hoid, as Wit, is seen playing an enthir in Kholinar on Roshar during the reappearance of Taln.[1]

On Taldain[edit]

During the initial vote to dissolve the Diem at the Taisha Meeting Hall in Kezare on Taldain, a man wearing a dark, hooded cloak is seen busking outside using a stringed instrument.[2] Hoid is known to have been on Taldain during this time period[4] and the instrument in question is confirmed to be related to the enthir.[3] This version of the instrument looks similar to a sitar, except that it has an angular body. It has a long, fretted neck and tuning pegs on the headstock, along with additional tuning pegs along the neck.[2] The man appears to be playing the instrument while held vertically, rather than on his lap.[2]


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