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Enefel is an Aonic term for a trickster or joker, as well as a group of the same name. The term is derived from Aon Ene, meaning "wit", or "cleverness." Literally, Enefel means "Wit Killers," or "those who kill with wit." The term was most commonly used a few hundred years before the Reod, and isn't in common use by the time of the restoration of Elantris.[1]


During the Middle Era, when Arelon was beginning to form, a group of storytellers took on the name Enefel. They told stories about the marvels of Elantris and its inhabitants to the common people. It was rumored that they were agents of the Elantrians, trying to reverse negative opinions that some people in rural areas had about the Elantrians and their magic. The guild changed over the years, beginning to simply collect stories from various peoples and recording them. The interpretation of Aon Ene also evolved to represent more general scholarly intelligence and study, not just wit; it was also co-opted by merchants and bankers. By the end of the Late Era (200 years before the fall of Elantris), the Enefel had split up into various groups of scholars and philosophers.[1]

In modern Arelon, the few Enefel that remembered the original meaning of their group's name found the transformation of the name to be some kind of joke played by history itself.[1]


  • The term "Enefel" is not used in Elantris or any related works, and is known only from supplemental information that Brandon wrote when Badali Jewelry first released Aon-themed pendants.[1]
  • "Wit", a common alias of Hoid, is part of the etymology of Enefel; additionally, the original Enefel guild evokes comparisons to the Worldsingers, a storytelling group that counts Hoid as a member.[2] Fans have therefore speculated that the Enefel are related to Hoid, but Brandon has declined to elaborate on the subject.[3][4]


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