Emotional Allomancy parlors

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Emotional Allomancy parlors
Services Emotional Allomancy
World of Origin Scadrial
Universe Cosmere

A luxurious massage, sweet scents, and a Soother on duty to give a unique "Emotional Massage" leave you feeling as good on the inside as you do on the outside.

—From a report in The Elendel Daily[1]

Emotional Allomancy parlors, including both Soothing and Rioting parlors, are businesses in Elendel on Scadrial where customers willingly have their emotions manipulated through Allomancy.[2]

Soothing Parlors[edit]

Soothing parlors are staffed by brass Mistings. The Soothers can dampen negative emotions such as fear and anger, allowing the patron temporary relief from their problems while they feel numb.[2] They offer a wide variety of services, including aromatherapy and massages.[3][1] They stay open late into the night, serving as a slightly more expensive alternative to drinking at a tavern.[2]

Typically, one or more Soothers use their abilities in a small bubble to create a general numbing effect on the people in most of the parlor building, but patrons can pay a high fee to get a private session that can help them address specific emotions. Parlors often have many rooms that each offer a unique atmosphere, likely to enhance the effects of the Soothing.[3]

Rioting Parlors[edit]

Rioting parlors are presumably similar in most respects to Soothing parlors, but are instead staffed by zinc Mistings. Customers can select specific emotions that they want the Rioters to enflame. Rioting parlors may be even more popular than Soothing parlors.[3]


Although the use of emotional Allomancy in business dealings was largely banned by the Allomantic Agreement of '94, there is a specific exception in place if a customer willingly requests its use. The parlors are therefore fully legal, but a high potential for unscrupulous activity remains. The Elendel constabulary keeps a close watch on the city's parlors.[3]

Soothing (and presumably Rioting) parlors are required to have aluminum plating in the walls to prevent the effects of the Allomancy inside the building from affecting people outside. However, this rule is not strictly enforced. The proprietors also wear aluminum-lined hats so that they are immune to emotional Allomancy.[3]


It is not clear when Soothing and Rioting parlors came into common use; an article in The Elendel Daily in 341 PC detailing the activities at Mistress Halex's new Soothing parlor implied that many residents were not closely familiar with them at the time.[1] However, by 342 PC, there were multiple parlors of each type in the city, and they seemed to be accessible to any resident who wanted to use one.[2]

Parlors became particularly popular during the time of high unemployment and social unrest in Elendel leading up to the ousting of the corrupt Governor Innate.[2] Chapaou went to Mistress Halex's Soothing parlor for a private session after being traumatized by seeing Bleeder; Wax visited the parlor during his investigation and hated the feeling that it gave him.[3]


  • Businesses like Soothing and Rioting parlors became possible because Allomancers were willing to hire out their services; Feruchemists rarely did so, presumably because of a traditional reverence for their abilities.[3]


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