Emily Sanderson

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Emily Sanderson (née Bushman) is an employee of Dragonsteel Entertainment. She is Brandon's wife and business manager and holds the informal title of "Queen".[1]

Emily was an English major at BYU and formerly worked as an English teacher.[2] She also speaks fluent Spanish and has taught ESL.[3] Matisse is based on one of her students.[2] As the Dragonsteel business manager, she plans Brandon's tour and event schedule and is sometimes present at his signings or livestreams.[4]

She has participated in Brandon's writing groups and has served as an alpha reader and advisor on many of his published works. She had a particularly large influence on Warbreaker and the novel is dedicated to her.[5] She is mentioned in the Acknowledgements of many other books in Brandon's bibliography, and The Way of Kings is also dedicated to her.[6] She continues to advise Brandon on his novels, and has been involved in choosing the chapter titles for the Stormlight Archive books starting with Words of Radiance.[3]

Emily is intentionally not the direct inspiration for any of Brandon's characters, although some elements of Navani's personality come from her.[7] Her top result in the Knights Radiant quiz was the Order of Bondsmiths.[8]

Emily and Brandon met on a blind date set up by Isaac Stewart in 2005; they married in 2006.[9][10] They have three sons.