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File: Elend king portrait.png | Elend as emperor by [[User: Luaru]].
File: Elend king portrait.png | Elend as emperor by [[User: Luaru]].
His suit wasn't the finest she had seen, nor was his vest as bright as most. Both coat and shirt seemed to fit too loosely, and his hair was just a bit disheveled. {{book ref|mb1|12}}
== History ==
== History ==

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Elend Venture
House Venture
Spouse Vin
Parents Straff, Mother
Siblings Zane (illegitimate half-brother)
Born 1000 FE
Died 1025 FE
Abilities Mistborn
Titles Last Emperor[1]
Residence Luthadel
Ethnicity Noble
World Scadrial
Featured In Mistborn trilogy

Elend Venture is an idealistic young noble and later, a Mistborn from the Final Empire on Scadrial. Alongside Vin and the remnants of Kelsier's crew, he forms the New Empire and helps to save to world from its destruction at Ruin's hands by uniting as many people as possible, using Seers to burn the vast atium cache known as the Trust, and allowing Marsh to kill him during the Battle of Hathsin, giving Vin the drive to kill Ruin.

Appearance and Personality

His suit wasn't the finest she had seen, nor was his vest as bright as most. Both coat and shirt seemed to fit too loosely, and his hair was just a bit disheveled. [2]


He was the only legitimate son of Straff Venture, and heir to House Venture. When he was a child, he was beaten to near death to determine whether he was an Allomancer or not. His father made him sleep with a skaa woman in a brothel to make him a "real man." He was later horrified to learn that the woman would be executed to prevent half-breed children[3]. Throughout his childhood, he was known for disobeying his father purposely to get a response out of him. This included ignoring guests at parties, and disobeying his father's orders. Elend was predominately a scholar and was well versed in many areas including politics and history. He is extremely idealistic and meets with a group of other idealistic nobles after balls to discuss contraband philosophy.

The Skaa Rebellion

The House War

Elend meets Vin at a ball in Keep Venture, and begins a casual friendship with her when he finds her in the space where he usually reads[2]. Elend continues to attend balls and often sits with Vin and reads at her table. He eventually begins to court her.

Elend is saved by Vin from Shan Elariel's assassination attempt[4], but believes Vin to be a spy for another noble house and refuses to speak with her. He later discovers that she is in fact a skaa and tries to find her.

The Skaa Riots

He is saved from being killed by an Inquisitor by Kelsier who protects him for Vin[5]. Elend eventually mounts a rescue for Vin in Kredik Shaw, where she has been imprisoned, only to find that Sazed has already released her[6].

The Siege of Luthadel

The Luthadel Assembly

After the Fall of the Lord Ruler, Elend is made king over the Luthadel Assembly. He attempts to introduce all the political ideas he has formulated from his studies and meeting with other nobles over the years. His rule is destabilized when Straff Venture and Ashweather Cett besiege Luthadel in the hopes of securing the atium cache that they believe to be hidden there. During the siege, he is deposed as king by the Luthadel Assembly, under a clause he wrote himself[7]. Elend begins to receive training from Tindwyl in how to be a more effective leader, which allows him to effectively try to be re-elected as king. However, he loses the vote to Penrod.

The Battle of Luthadel

Sazed and the rest of Kelsier's crew convince Elend and Vin to leave Luthadel in order to seek the Well of Ascension[8]. While they travel north towards the Terris Mountains with Spook, they realise the truth, that their friends had lied in order to get them out of the city and save their lives. Elend and Vin come across Jastes Lekal fleeing Luthadel because his koloss army had turned on him. Elend beheads Jastes for leading the koloss army to Luthadel and then leaving them to attack the city[9]. Upon their return, Vin defeats the armies, forcing them to swear fealty to Elend as the emperor of the New Empire[10].

The Well of Ascension

While searching for the Well of Ascension beneath Kredik Shaw, Elend is attacked by the mist spirit in an attempt to get Vin to use the power from the Well to save him, but she chooses to release the power, inadvertently releasing Ruin in the process[11]. Following this, the mist spirit directs Vin to the last remaining bead of lerasium at the Well, and she uses it to save his life, transforming him into a Mistborn and allowing him to burn pewter[12].

The New Empire

The Siege of Fadrex City

Elend and Vin decide to expand the New Empire in order to save the world from Ruin, and seek out the supply caches left by the Lord Ruler. They besiege Fadrex City to gain access to the cache hidden there, which eventually leads to an alliance with Aradan Yomen.

The Battle of Hathsin

Elend eventually realises the meaning of the pattern of the mist-sickness which snaps allomancers, and also discovers the Seers in his army were those who were sick the longest. He uses this knowledge to lead the Seers in battle against the koloss armies under Ruin's control, depleting all of the Atium stored in the kandra Trust. He fuels the last of his Atium with duralumin, seeing the ultimate outcome of his actions. With the knowledge gained from this, he allows Marsh to kill him, giving Vin the drive to attack Ruin directly[13], resulting in both of their deaths and Sazed's Final Ascension[14].


Elend means misery in German.Template:Annotation ref He has viewpoints in all three books, but is only a primary character in the second two.


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