Earth (Skyward)

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Earth (Skyward)
Universe Cytoverse
Featured In Skyward (series), Defending Elysium
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Did you know that even then, with computers and libraries and all kinds of reminders, we found it easy to forget where we came from?

Earth, sometimes called the Old Earth, is the home planet of humans in the Cytoverse.[2]

During the early days of humanity's contact with aliens, Earth was ruled by a single institution called the United Governments, aided by the United Intelligence Bureau. The Phone Company, the telecom that served as the liaisons between humanity and aliens, was also headquartered there.[3] Over time, however, the planet grew largely irrelevant.[1] Even its location seems to have been forgotten, with some people incorrectly speculating that Detritus might be Earth's ruins.[4] Nonetheless, both astrophysical data and numerous historical records of Old Earth remain within humanity's and Superiority's data banks.[5][6]

By the time the Superiority became a major power, Earth appears to have vanished.[6] Whether it simply means it can't be found on any star charts, or if it's somehow no longer where it should be, is unclear.


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