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Groups Diagram
Residence Kharbranth
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In Oathbringer

My king. My eternal king.

—Dukar to Taravangian[1]

Dukar is a stormwarden on Roshar. He is a member of the Diagram employed by Taravangian as head of the King's Testers.[2]

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Dukar is a nervous and fidgety man who usually wears a typical stormwarden robe.[2][3] He is meticulous in his daily task of administering and evaluating Taravangian's tests, always taking care to ensure that the king completes the exams correctly, despite the fact that this annoys Taravangian on days when he is particularly intelligent.[2] However, on his less intelligent days, Taravangian considers Dukar a dear friend.[3] Dukar is extremely loyal to Taravangian and seems to care for him deeply.[1]


Dukar presumably relocated to Urithiru when Taravangian did to administer his daily intelligence tests. On one of Taravangian's brilliant days, Dukar attempted to get him to complete the test thoroughly despite his impatience with the process. He was reluctant to allow Taravangian complete freedom for the day, seeming to understand that the king's assertion that he couldn't solve the last problem on the test was a pretense. However, after warning that Taravangian was near the danger line, both he and Mrall did agree not to impose any restrictions that day.[2]

Eight days after the Battle of Thaylen Field, Dukar gave Taravangian his test and had to pronounce him weak of mind. While the group in the room waited out the Everstorm, Dukar debated the interpretation of certain parts of the Diagram with Adrotagia and Mrall. He wondered aloud if Graves' thought regarding Dalinar Kholin was right, but Taravangian disagreed; as the king struggled to think, Dukar went on to express his fear of the dangerous situation the Diagram faced after Taravangian's revelation to Dalinar about his role in Szeth's failed assassination attempts.[3]

When the Diagram was disbanded, Dukar wished to stay with Taravangian and continue testing him. The king, both knowing that after his betrayal in Emul the tests held no further purpose and fearing that anyone close to him would be punished, used his authority to command Dukar to leave. Dukar returned to Kharbranth with the rest of Taravangian's former attendants and friends.[1]


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